Symplicity Productions was originally just a Hip-Hop collective based out of Raleigh, NC. In the summer of 2014, after meeting at NC State’s African American Symposium their freshman year, Jason (JDay), Traemani (3rd King), Stevie (Master Steve), and Ade (Ade Adesina) realized their shared passion for music and later formed Symplicity with Traemani’s younger brother Tyree (T1K). From there they began to blend their unique styles of musical expression to create a funky style of Rap that conveys messages of positivity and unity.


Exploding on the local party scene, Symplicity began to make a name for themselves as they brought energy and explosive group chemistry to every stage they blessed. Some of those stages include NC State’s back to school event titled “Packapalooza,” Dereck Whittenburg’s charity scholarship event, and Meredith College’s Fall Festival. They have also organized a few events of their own in conjunction with other organizations, such as their Valentine’s Day “Living Single” concert and local talent showcase “RoseGold” on the campus of NC State University. Their mix of head bopping grooves and up tempo songs culminated into their debut EP release “It’s Symple” in September of 2017 on all streaming platforms. From their melodic jam “Just Wanna Make It,” to their upbeat banger “Summertime,” Symplicity beautifully shows their diversity of sound and lyricism throughout this 20 minute experience.


With the first solo release “LLL” by Master Steve in March 2018, a Symple Universe was born. The solo and group material Symplicity will release to the masses and is sure to inspire a culture of independence and freedom in expression. We strive to drive culture forward and inspire other creators to go against the grain, be themselves, and continue to tell their stories the way they want. Too many people have had their ideas shut down and castaway into the bottomless abyss that is conformity. No one should fear their own creative ability. No one should doubt the amount of success they can achieve. The only thing one should fear is fear itself. Symplicity symply wants to empower everyday people to show them that they are extraordinary minds with the ability to become the best version of themselves.


In August 2018, the collective became an LLC expanding their focus on music and performance arts to add event planning and music/film production. 

Stevie Thompson Jr - CEO

Traemani Hawkins - Executive Producer: Film

Ade Adesina - Executive Producer: Music

Jason Day - A&R Director

Timira Conley - Creative Director

Next Event

Kesler Movie Tour - Charlotte


1824 Statesville Avenue Suite 105

Charlotte, NC 28206


Friday, June 26th 2020


Doors Open - 9:00 pm

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